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Introducing Detego in partnership with HancomGMD

Combining the industry’s leading smartphone data extraction technology with Detego’s powerful suite of analytics tools.

Detego MD-Next

Data extraction software for Smartphone, Feature phone, Drone, Smart TV, Wearable, IoT device, USIM card, SD memory card, JTAG board, and Chip-off memory.

MD-NEXT is the forensic software for the data extraction of diverse mobile and digital devices. It supports physical and logical extraction methods for Android, iOS, Windows OS, Tizen OS, and other mobile OS.


Key Features

  • Perfect data extraction tool for diverse mobiles and digital devices
  • Supports more than 15,000 models
  • Chinese manufacturers (Huawei/Xiaomi/Oppo/Vivo, etc.)
  • Advanced physical extraction features
  • Supports diverse physical data reader hardware

  • Advanced logical extraction features
  • Unlock of latest smartphone model
  • Supports extraction and decryption of the latest Asian phone
  • Supports the latest iPhone logical extraction
  • Selective extraction for privacy protection
  • Special extraction features
  • Useful extraction utilities
  • Assurance of evidence data integrity
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Data preview and save
  • Reporting features

Detego MD-Red

Data analysis software for recovery, decoding, decryption, visualization and reporting evidence data from a mobile and digital device.

MD-RED is the forensic software for the recovery, decryption, visualization, analytic data mining, and reporting evidence data from which are extracted with MD-NEXT or other extraction tools. All the results of the analysis can be exported as the forensic reports for the investigation of crimes and accidents. Also, the analysis module of the latest mobile apps is quickly updated by continuous research.

Key Features

  • Supports various mobile OS and devices
  • Parsing and recovery of various file systems
  • Analyze 1,500 or more popular mobile apps and mobile data
  • Maximised analysis performance
  • The decryption of encrypted data
  • Deep analysis of popular messenger
  • Decodes screen lock and password information
  • Multimedia data recovery and analysis
  • New digital device analysis
  • Social relationship analysis
  • Log analysis
  • Embedded data viewers
  • Visualization of analyzed data
  • The advanced data filtering option
  • Python scripting IDE for user-defined analysis
  • Case management and hash value verification
  • Reporting feature


Detego MD with Analyse

Analytics to Extract Maximum Intelligence from your evidence

Detego® Analyse is the central hub of all analysis, processing and aggregation of all evidence from the different devices acquired into the Detego Unified Digital Forensics Platform.