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CyberHawk is a powerful surveillance, counter-surveillance and VIP/Force Protection solution that covertly alerts you to the suspects and suspicious individuals that are within your vicinity.

CyberHawk can be deployed in a wide variety of scenarios, both hard-wired into a building and as a standalone unit that can be transported in a control vehicle or rucksack.

CyberHawk units can be deployed remotely and controlled from a central command centre to run, consolidate and manage the data to a central database, as well as run analytics and reports. With the ability to set up watch lists of known individuals or suspect groups, you’re able to get early warning alerts to any suspicious activity well before you can physically see an individual.

The technology within CyberHawk and its effectiveness in identifying targets is highly sensitive. If you work in the military, law enforcement or security space or within any of the following scenarios you should get in touch.


    VIP Residences

    Keep high value individuals protected by monitoring alerts when suspicious activity is discovered.

    VIP Transportation

    Keep high value individuals protected while in transit by monitoring alerts.

    Sea Ports

    Monitor suspicious individuals and activities within the sea port and keep the port and valuable secure.


    Monitor suspicious individuals and their movements within the airport and keep other passengers secure.

    Prestigious Buildings

    Monitor suspicious activity to maintain the security of your prestigious building.

    Shopping Centres

    Monitor the movement of suspicious individuals and keep your shopping centers secured.

    Market Places

    Monitor the movement of suspicious individuals and keep your market places secured.

    Oil & Gas Installations

    Monitor suspicious individuals and activities and keep your valuable property secured.

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